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The success of the F-801 led to an updated version of this camera in 1991, which was designated the F-801S/N8008S. It had improved autofocus performance and incorporated spot metering, but retained the original model’s reputation for reliability.

  • A Depth of Field preview button allows temporary stopping down to the shooting aperture to check DOF.
  • A Multiple Exposure facility allows up to nine shots within one frame.
  • A unique ‘two shot’ self-timer. This allowed a second shot to be taken by the self-timer a couple of seconds after the first, giving a more ‘relaxed’ and unposed picture.
  • Fully programmed automatic exposure, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and fully manual exposure control.
  • 30-second to 1/8000-second shutter speed range with bulb mode.

This camera offers interchangeable lenses with the Nikon bayonet mount.
35mm Film camera Nikon F-801s comes with Nikkor 35-70mm lens.

This camera with the lens is in working condition and it has been checked to ensure all parts are smooth operating as you would come to expect and that there are no obvious defects.

Shipping: The camera / lens will be shipped in bubble wrap , loose fill and outer box for safety.

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